Simple click'n'drag Image Cropping using Web APIs


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Browser Support


<script context="module">
    // Here we're setting a default image path that we can let the end-user start with
    const DEFAULT_IMAGE_SRC = "/assets/images/jung-ho-park-sYiKL1JEOEk-unsplash.jpg";

    import {CROP_STATE, ImageCrop} from "@novacbn/svelte-image-crop";

    // `blob` — will carry the current instance of our starting image, with every committed crop
    // `image_crop` — will be our binding to the current `ImageCrop` Component instance
    let blob;
    let image_crop;

    // `src` — needs to start with our default image path, later we use it as comparison to
    // control allowing the end-user to reset all their committed crops
    // `state` — we can't directly modify the internal `ImageCrop` state, but we can recieve
    // its current state via eventing to control allowing the end-user to reset their
    // current crop selection / commit the current selection
    let src = DEFAULT_IMAGE_SRC;
    let state = CROP_STATE.default;

    async function on_commit_click(event) {
        // Using our `ImageCrop` Component binding, we can access its `get_cropped_blob`. And use
        // that to cache the current crop selection as a new `Blob` with image data. Then tell the
        // Browser to create a disposable URL pointing to the blob to display
        // And if the currently loaded image doesn't match our default, we need to destroy the
        // disposable URL to prevent memory leaks

        blob = await image_crop.get_cropped_blob();

        if (src !== DEFAULT_IMAGE_SRC) URL.revokeObjectURL(src);
        src = URL.createObjectURL(blob);


    function on_clear_click(event) {
        // Next, we can use the `reset` method to remove the current crop selection


    function on_reset_click(event) {
        // Finally we can reset everything to defaults to start over with the original image.
        if (src !== DEFAULT_IMAGE_SRC) URL.revokeObjectURL(src);

        blob = null;
        src = DEFAULT_IMAGE_SRC;


    function on_state(event) {
        // For disabling our controls, we need to locally cache any changes to the `ImageCrop`'s state
        state = event.detail.state;

    NOTE: We need to bind to the `ImageCrop` instance to access its methods
<ImageCrop bind:this={image_crop} {src} on:state={on_state} />

    disabled={src === DEFAULT_IMAGE_SRC}

    disabled={state === CROP_STATE.default}

    disabled={state === CROP_STATE.default}


Can the Package Be Used on Unsupported Browsers?

Yes! The Browser support is only for calling get_cropped_image for performing cropping via Web APIs. However you can call get_cropped_bounds to get the starting x and y coordinates along with the width and height relative to the image's actual (not Browser element) dimensions. Which you can manually pass into some other package that handles manipulating image data or send to a server backend.



Open your terminal and install via npm:

npm install github:novacbn/svelte-image-crop#0.0.2

Install current in-development code:

npm install github:novacbn/svelte-image-crop


Signature Default Description
src: string "" Sets the image to be loaded into the crop editor


Signature Description
get_cropped_bounds(): IBounds OR null Returns the current crop selection bounds relative to the actual image dimensions
get_cropped_image(): Blob Returns a copy of the currently loaded image as a Blob, but cropped to current selection
is_cropping(): boolean Returns if there is an active crop selection
reset(): void Removes the the currently active crop selection


Signature Description
state: CustomEvent<{state: CROP_STATE}> Dispatches whenever the current crop editor state changes


Signature Description
IBounds: { x: number; y: number; width: number; height: number; } Represents a set of boundaries within a 2D plane

CSS Variables

Name Default Description
--image-crop-cursor-dragging crosshair Represents the cursor used when the end-user is currently performing selection drag
--image-crop-cursor-hover se-resize Represents the cursor used when the end-user is hovering with no drag
--image-crop-background-filter-cropping blur(1px) brightness(65%) Represents the filter used on the background image when there is a crop selection
--image-crop-selection-border 6px dashed whitesmoke Represents the border used on the visualization of the current crop selection
--image-crop-selection-color whitesmoke Represents the color used on the visualization of the current crop selection
--image-crop-selection-filter drop-shadow(0px 0px 6px black) Represents the filter used on the visualization of the current crop selection
--image-crop-selection-font-family inherit Represents the font family used on the visualization of the current crop selection
--image-crop-selection-font-size 1rem Represents the font size used on the visualization of the current crop selection
--image-crop-selection-font-weight 900 Represents the font weight used on the visualization of the current crop selection